So I tried beauty of joseon deep glow serum.

Hey, gorgeous people! So, let’s get straight to the point. You’ve seen those fancy Instagram posts and YouTube reviews raving about the Beauty of Joseon Deep Glow Serum, and you’re wondering, “Is it actually worth the hype?” Well, I was in the same boat. I’ve been on a relentless quest for that ‘holy grail’ skincare product, and this serum kept popping up on my feed. So, I decided to give it a go.

What is Beauty of Joseon Deep Glow Serum?

Beauty of Joseon Deep Glow Serum is a K-beauty product that promises to rejuvenate your skin, making it look radiant and feel silky smooth.

Key Ingredients:

This serum primarily contains niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, and a variety of natural extracts. Niacinamide helps with skin brightening, while hyaluronic acid ensures your skin stays hydrated. Infused with 68% rice bran water and 2% alpha arbutin.

The Brand Behind the Serum: Beauty of Joseon

History and Reputation:

Beauty of Joseon is a brand that revives the skincare wisdom of Korea’s historical period, the Joseon era. Their reputation for quality and authenticity is second to none.

Core Values:

The brand focuses on clean, ethical skincare, and sources high-quality, natural ingredients.

First Impressions

Packaging and Unboxing:

Okay, the packaging is adorable. It comes in a neat little box with an elegant design that screams ‘quality.’ But let’s be honest, what really matters is what’s inside, right?

The Scent and Texture:

The moment I opened the bottle, I was greeted with a subtle, pleasant scent. Nothing overpowering—just right. The texture felt silky, not too watery or gooey. So far, so good.

How I Applied the Serum:

Clean face, check. Toner, check. Now, onto the serum. The dropper made it easy to apply just the right amount. I used about three drops for my entire face.

Initial Feel on the Skin:

It glided on like a dream—no stickiness or weird residue. It absorbed quickly, and I could literally feel my skin drinking it up.

Immediate Observations:

Instantly, my skin felt refreshed. It had a subtle glow, but nothing too dramatic.

First Week Experience:

Within the first week, I noticed my skin was smoother and the redness around my nose had calmed down. My face also looked brighter in the morning, like I’d had an extra hour of sleep or something.

Changes Over a Month:

After using it consistently for a month, I can confidently say my skin looks and feels better. My complexion is more even, and those tiny fine lines on my forehead? Yeah, they’re less noticeable.

Any Side Effects?

Luckily, no breakouts or allergic reactions for me. But hey, always do a patch test, okay?

Who Should Use It-

Skin Types:

This serum is suitable for all skin types, from oily to dry.

Age Groups:

It’s a great option for anyone in their late 20s and above, who’s looking to add an anti-aging product to their routine.

How to Use the Serum

Just cleanse your face, apply a toner if you use one, and then apply a few drops of the serum. Gently massage it into your skin.

Real Talk: Pros and Cons

What I Loved:

  • Quick absorption
  • Hydration without greasiness
  • Visible improvements in skin texture and tone

What Could Be Improved:

  • The bottle could be a tad bigger for the price point
  • I wish the glow was a bit more pronounced

Cost and Value

Is It Worth the Price?

Considering the results, I’d say it’s a good investment. But if you’re on a budget, the price might make you think twice.

Would I Recommend It?

Absolutely, especially if you’re looking for something that offers both hydration and brightening effects. It’s like a mini spa treatment for your face.

Final Thoughts-

Is the Beauty of Joseon Deep Glow Serum a miracle in a bottle? Maybe not. But it’s a darn good serum that does what it promises. I’m definitely keeping this one in my skincare routine.


  1. How long did one bottle last for you?
    • About two and a half months with daily use.
  2. Can guys use this serum too?
    • Absolutely, skincare is for everyone!
  3. Is it okay for sensitive skin?
    • It was fine for me, but do a patch test first.
  4. How does it work under makeup?
    • Works great! It didn’t make my foundation pill or anything.
  5. Can it replace my moisturizer?
    • No, it’s not a replacement but a great addition to your routine.

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